Glen Shiel

Glen Shiel Scotland


One of the most beautiful valleys in this area is Glen Shiel, which is a tight glen with high mountains towering above the road. On one side is the iconic “Five Sisters of Kintail” mountain range and on the other is “The Saddle”. Both are spectacular ridge walks and as we pass through the glen you are likely to see the cars of hill walkers parked on either side of the road.

This area is also known for the part it played during the Jacobite rebellions. In 1719 one of the smallest uprisings took place here. It was quickly brought to an end when the British Army marched into the valley and routed the Jacobite army that comprised of Highlanders and Spanish troops, who had sailed here in support of the uprising.

The Spanish troops were responsible for allowing the retreating highlanders to escape and it is thought that their actions have saved many lives in the process. These brave men are remembered by the name of the hill that we will see when we enter the valley Sgurr nan Spainteach (Peak of the Spaniards)